Well, not quite. But I ordered the domain „www.ichbindeutschland.de“ as soon as I heard in early 2005 that there would be a huge social marketing campaign telling me that if I weren’t Germany yet I certainly should become Germany as quickly as possibly. I humbly complied with their demand, if only on the internet.

When the campaign began last September, I initially covered it in German on www.ichbindeutschland.de, but eventually I felt that I should use the domain for something more personal, and point it to my – so far English language only – personal blog and finally make almostadiary.de bilingual.

I had been thinking about writing in German, at least a little, since I started blogging a couple of years ago. Now, with a domain pointing to this site that is in some sense promising to the occasional reader to present the very personification of Germany, I feel I may finally have sufficient incentive to blog in German, at least every now and then.

It will be interesting to see how this works out – I certainly won’t solve the linguistic challenge by translating every post. So, welcome, gentle readers from Ichbindeutschland.de – herzlich willkommen auf almost a diary.de.