Blogger & Google.

You probably remember that the acquistition of Blogger by search engine provider Google made the tech-headlines three weeks or so ago. Well, if I remember correctly, the bottom line of most commentator’s reasoning was that google wanted to buy Blogger because the vast content of the blogosphere on their servers would provide important additional input for the Google system of finding and ranking web pages.

May I say that they clearly have a long way to go. And if aynone asked me, my first suggestion would be to think of individual post in a blog as content-units and treat them accordingly in search requests. All those of you with a site of their own will immediately understand what I am talking about when I say that just 5 five minutes ago, someone found my page through a google search for the term “email addresses guestbook of private people in albania”. I do understand that by writing this, I am making this page a prime target for the next person looking for Albanians with internet access.

But until today, there was no particular reason to list my page in the results for this search apart from the fact that the words “Albania” and “Email” once appeared in the same HTML document.

And you know what’s even weirder? The person looking for Albanians found my site through this search even though it is listed on page three of the results! My search rank for this particular search is 28! Assuming that he/she did not directly jump to link #28, my page was not the only one misinterpreted by Google. It will certainly be interesting to see how things will change as BLOOGLER gets going.