Don’t Mess With Texas. The

Don’t Mess With Texas. The real reasons for the recent war with Iraq will eventually be uncovered! Is that what the MIT’s Michael Schrage is telling his readers in the Washington Post today? Or is he trying to prove the point David Furm inadvertendly made in his Bush biography – that this war was an example of retrograde planning? You know the result, now find a way to get there, \”drum up some, any rationale\”, – as Jeffrey A. Tucker once wrote? Today Schrage writes – \”… even if Iraq proves utterly free of WMD – or if it merely possesses a paltry two or three bio-weapons vans – the coalition’s military action was the most rational response to Saddam’s long-term policy of strategic deception. Saddam Hussein bet that he could get away with playing a \”does he or doesn’t he?\” shell game with a skeptical superpower. He bet wrong.\” Did you read that? A \”sceptical\” superpower! Lovely. Entertainment is just what I need for the marathon! From theWashington Post.