Europe. Art. Later.

I will write something about my visit to this year’s dokumenta11 later tonight. For the time being I’ll leave you with the FT’s Quentin Peel and his thoughts about how Germany would act different in Europe under a conservative chancellor (Link).

I think most of that is bollocks. Germany is still as committed to multilateral European governance as it has always been. And there is no way I can think of for Stoiber to change that, even if he wanted to should he become the next chancellor. So the multilateral vs. inter-governmental rift will still see the UK on the one side and Germany on the other.

The new conservative French government is somewhat undecided, tending to intergovernmentalism but, in my opionion, predominantly using that position as a leverage in the negotiations with Germany about who will pick up the Common Agricultural Market bill after the EU’s enlargement.

The French famers are srtill the ones who have understood EU politics best…