Eve And The Last Gentlemen.

Gentlemen, if you aren’t already feeling bad because of the weather try reading Steve Jones’s essay “The image of Y” in today’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (premium). Jones is about to publish a book about the genetic deficiencies, disadvanatges and misconfigu­rations of the stuff that makes us what we are. And no, I am not talking about beer, football, Porsches or even Playboy magazine, but the “Y”-chromosome. Not surprisingly then, his book is called “Y“.

In addition to the significant costs of being male that we’re already bearing – shorter life expectancy, no multiple orgasms, only to mention a few – according to Mr. Jones it might well be that

“…in less than ten million years, the male gene-machinery might take an entirely different turn, and what we call man today might have changed completely.”

Gentlemen, it might not be immediate, but we could be an endangered species. This, my fellow Adams, seems to be a point worth mentioning when talking to specimen of the Eve-il female genetic predators out there…