Intuitively Flawed.

Last Friday, Proximity Deutschland, the BBDO group CRM-agency’s German subsidiary, released a blog survey according to which 27% of German web users know what a “blog” or “weblog” is, 41% of which allegedly read weblogs – that would equal about 5% of the German population, or 4m weblog readers in Germany -, and 4% of which, or about 650,000 people, allegedly have a blog of their own.

Quite frankly, I haven’t read the survey, but the endless stream of confused “your whats” with reference to this site or to afoe tell me that there is something seriously flawed with this survey. On the other hand, their main finding seems to be intuitively correct: compared to other countries, blogs do not yet have an important role in German media… (link to the press release in German).