My WordPress 2.8 wishlist

With the upcoming release of WP 2.7, the software is maturing a lot, and it’s also getting a lot more sexy, and not just visually. But if you know humans – we’re known to have unsatisfiable needs – it won’t surprise you that there are some things I’d like to see in version 2.8 that are not in version 2.7 yet. Here is a short list of the more important ones –

  • nested AJAX sorting of all hierarchical structures in WordPress – pages, categories, possible other taxonomies
  • on-the-fly creation of pages on the page management screen like it’s been done with categories in 2.7
  • easier selecting and managing of categories and tags via AJAX
  • an is_child() function to test if a particular hierarchical element is a direct or indirect child of another element
  • inline editing of post and page contents
  • better media/image handling

Looking beyond 2.8, I’d definitely like to see the creation of new post types and taxonomies to become core features, the latter effectively giving WP the ability to “simulate” a multiblog without really being one.