Recommended Reading. The Economics of DNA Scanning

Last year, I sent a protest mail to Guido Westerwelle, the chairman of the German Liberal Party (FDP) after he supported a proposition to implement finger prints in the national IDs. A staffer replied that “fingerprints on IDs are not in opposition to a liberal worldview”, as I had stipulated in my email. I had also jokingly proposed to use DNA as a far superior means of tracking people. This, the staff member explained to me, would be far too costly to be implemented. She had taken the proposition seriously (probably a consequence of having to reply to 300 letters a day ;-)).

But there will be people who won’t be joking about implementing DNA scans. And there will be more soon, if this article is somewhat close to reality.This world is becoming an increasingly scary place. Just wait for someone to present a “pre-crime” system in the mall down the street.

Can I please leave this planet before it gets worse?