Robbespierre Day?Is it the official

Robbespierre Day?Is it the official Robbespierre remembrance day already? What’s up with people sawing off heads? First, Gentry Lane sent me this link about a German who severed off his sister-in-law’s head and then carried \”the head in one hand and a blood-stained knife in the other, [while] walking through the streets of Uebach-Palenberg, a small town near Aachen.\” (from
Reuters. Then I find this article about a guy in South Africa who \”sawed his head off in full view of staff and customers at a supermarket in Richards Bay, northern KwaZulu-Natal … [he] walked into the butchery section of Shoprite branch, switched on an electric meat saw, positioned his neck near the blade and sawed off his head.\”. (from iol) So please remember – when unhappy, stay out of supermarkets!