Summing up.

If you have been on planet earth last week, you will have at least heard of some photos showing singer Britney Spears exposing her C-section scar and a little more while getting out of a car to party with Paris Hilton. Here are the final words on said “incident”:

Gynecologist Jackie Thomas cautions against fans following in the footsteps of their Hollywood idols. In terms of vaginal infections, no underwear at all can often be better than constricting synthetic panties, she says, but there are other considerations to take into account. “It’s unhygienic not so much for the woman who’s not wearing underwear, but to the people around her,” says Thomas, who practises in Toronto. “Let’s face it – like every other woman, they’ve got a certain amount of discharge and they are hanging around with other people.” (source)

And now good luck getting *that* image out of your mind ;)…