The best things in life are… on Ebay.

And you thought the best things are free… Via Spreeblick comes this postmodern social commentary – oldstyle friendship, for currently 61,97 Euros – included are 6 handwritten letters, three postcards, 1 birthday gift, one christmas gift, and one surprise (but not a visit).

Still, the disclaimer firmly states that some thingsa re still only available for free: this friendship is exclusively by mail, it does not include an offer of sex, dirty talk, or romance of any kind, no phone conversations, and no visits.

Interestingly, the friendship is available in two forms – real or surreal. In the first version, the “friend” would be writing about his or her “real life” in the the “surreal version” he or she would be assuming a character of choice, say an old friend from shool.

I’m not sure if the person offering this has not understood the term surreal, or understood better than Dali himself…