Vive La France It’s official

Vive La France It’s official – most Germans love France and the French. And while they respect America and the Americans, they are wondering just what exactly is going on on the other side of the pond. Germany as a whole doesn’t want to choose between its two most important allies, France, and the US, just as chancellor Schroeder explained last week at the anniversary of the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Berlin. But it was always clear that France would be the one, should that choice become necessary. A poll published by the FAZ today shows the public supports this stance. Maybe Colin Powell’s visit in Berlin this week is indicative of a regocnition of this fact in Washington. Then the attempts of reconciliation will work. If they are trying to play divide et impera, they won’t. Believe it – the FAZ is the most Atlanticist paper over here. This is a summary of the article by Deutsche Welle.