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Sexy beast.

Sexy BeastOk, just another headline. But this is actually an addendum to the last entry and also a reminder to myself.

At some point I have to tell you why I believe the “new left” is not sexy in most countries. As a teaser – it’s about the victory of Oliver Williamson over Karl Marx (or at a more fundamental level about the behavioral assumptions both made).

Williamson is right in many aspects but his theory is complex, difficult to apply and assuming things about ourselves we don’t like. Entirely unsexy. Marx is wrong in many aspects, but his assumptions and his theory are appealing to what we want to think about ourselves. Communism is a Sexy Beast. And beware, it probably still bites.

(Note: No need to see “Sexy Beast“. It is only an average film and the only reason I can think of for Ben Kingsley’s Oskar nomination is that the eternal Gandhi continuously shouts entirely incomprehensible English insults. I guess that must have impressed the Academy’s jury.)