Thinking about Marilyn.

m_monroe.jpgLast night showed a documentary by Patrick Jeudy about Marilyn Monroe. It was not a story about a sex bomb. Neither was it simply one about poor Norma Jean, Candle In The Wind. The documentary rather told a story about an incredibly beautiful intelligent young woman who got lost somewhere between Marilyn and Norma Jean on the fundamental human quest for happiness.

The story of Marilyn is a story about our hunch that somewhere this big bad world holds something true for us to discover, about our eternal need to do the impossible, to succeed in what we think is most difficult for us to achieve. And it is a story about the risk inextricably intertwined with this quest – the pain which we will have to endure if we stop believing in ourselves. Watching the programme made me realise how much we all have in common with the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Goodbye Norma Jean. (Photo: