Snowball fights in the Demographic Winter

I guess this should go on afoe, but I don’t have the time for a profound comment – The Nation’s Kathryn Joyce looks at the American Christian Right’s alleged concern about the impending demise of Europe due to a relative lack of “the right babies” and a relative abundance of the wrong ones, also known as those whose parents immigrated from other (whisper: Muslim) countries. Joyce argues that those in the American Christian Right who are lobbying for this kind of thinking aren’t really concerned about Europe as such, but rather excited about the possibility of exploiting a diffuse xenophobia in Europe to find an entry point for their “family friendly” agenda. Now really.

I suppose we should be grateful though – if there’s one thing that will keep Conservative Politicians in Germany (and probably elsewhere in Europe) from advancing that kind of thinking, it is telling them that they are arguing “just like the American Christian Right.”