Iraq, US Politics

900 million Dollars.

That’s 900 000 000 Dollars, or 2 465 753,42 Dollars a day, on an annual basis ignoring all kinds of interest. It’s also the amount the current American administration wants to spend to search the weapons of mass destruction it could not find so far. A third, roughly 300 million US Dollars, has been spent already with, to be honest, discouraging results. Tonight, David Kay, US special WMD investigator is reporting to the US Congress about the results of the hunt for the smoking gun in and around Baghdad. And apparently, he’s not too confident about finding anything even slightly reminiscent thereof.

So let’s ask the inevitable question: If Kay is right, and 600 more millions will not help uncover WMDs, will they be enough to buy back the stuff Hussein managed to secure outside the country or sold to terrorists? Hardly. But maybe the amount is sufficient to credibly wag the dog and help President Bush keep the White House… [more: NY Times]