Iraq, oddly enough, US Politics

More Paris, Less Texas.

At least oficially, Spiegel online’s suspicion that Chirac might have had a voting moodswing seem unfounded [link in German].

Apparently, no one dared saying “veto” today, but the particular kind of silence that emanated from Quai d’Orsay [official declaration in French] this afternoon will likely be read correctly in Washington: No second resolution for the time being.

Well, now let’s hear what Hans Blix has to say. May he find the right words.

And somebody tell those Bush strategists mentioned in the post below to go back and start thinking about an “no-war exit strategy”. Maybe someone could ask the Nobel-peace-price people in Oslo to start negotiating with Ms Rice… sure Jimmy Carter would not be pleased. But, hey, leading 250,000 heavily armed US troops through the desert all the way to Iraq and safely back home without firing a single bullet would certainly be sufficient for a Nobel peace price, wouldn’t it?