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Seriously, guys.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will write more later, but this one could not wait.

I just checked the MIT’s blogdex and found an “” entry ranked #38. The entry links this article concerning the increasing isolation of France and Germany following yesterday’s Aznar-Bush advertising campaign. Today, Slovakia and Albania signed up, too. Remember Albania? The county that virtually attacked the US in Barry Levinson’s “Wag The Dog“?

Anyway, Albania is not what I wanted to talk about. As Glenn Reynolds rightly notices –

The article goes on to minimize (if that’s possible) the military importance of Albania and Slovakia.

But then he says something which I could not find in the article he linked to and which really makes me wonder about the quality of information out there these days.
He goes on to say –

“But that’s not the point. The point is that — despite (or because of) their diplomatic anschluss — France and Germany are now isolated within the E.U. Indeed, there is now talk that the E.U. may splinter as a result of their anti-American efforts.”

Excuse me? Let me repeat it for your reading pleasure.

“Indeed, there is now talk that the E.U. may splinter as a result of their anti-American efforts.”

How far is Europe from the US again? Seriously guys, it does make a huge difference to say that

a) the joint European position, which EU foreign ministers agreed on last Monday is about to splinter as a result of non-reconcilable positions – as actually stated in the linked article – or that

b) the EU, a supranational entity with a common market, which is performing governmental, legislative and judicial functions for its member states could be disbanded because of a foreign policy dispute regarding Iraq. However important the Iraq-question may have become – such a proposition is sheer and utter nonsense.

Mr Reynolds also rather doubts the proposition, adding that –

“[t]hat probably won’t happen…”

No, it will CERTAINLY NOT happen. I really wonder if this proposition has actually been made, and if so, by whom? And why?

It is this kind of avoidable disinformation does make me angry. Seriously.