Stupidity, Inc.

It seems some people feel the eternal need to prove clichés right.

Maybe, the management of Alexandra Vodjanikova, a former Ukrainian Yves St. Laurent model and current “Miss Deutschland”, should have spent more time in the “Derek Zoolander Centre For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good, Too”, given that this poster (for dentists…) is not the worst idea they ever had. Her management’s worst idea clearly was to send her on a peace mission to Iraq – as Spiegel online [scroll down to her name] reported last week – to meet Saddam and convince him of the inherent danger of WMDs.

So far, Saddam has not yet decided whether to participate in such a blatant PR scam or not (dpa). I suppose, even dictators of his ilk do have some standards…

While thinking about the final fronteer of stupidity, why not check out “USA über Alles” for a chuckle.