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GW Blues

A song about a regular Texan guy’s blues in the White House, which I wrote in early 2003. Demo, vocals by Tobias Schwarz. The mp3 is enclosed in the podcast, but you can also download a 64kbit WMA file by clicking here.

Lyrics –

– 1 –
I’m a regular guy from Texas
You know I can hardly read
Went to school to count my cattle
Hoping for oil out in the field.
But I can’t…

I’m a regular guy from Texas
They say I am born to lead
And they put me in the White House
Made me think I were a geek.

– Chorus –
But I can’t read.
I can’t write
I need Condi, and Colin,
To make the army fight
I can’t read
I can’t write
I wish Laura was here
to explain that shite

– 2 –
I’m a regular guy from Texas
Now I think I was born to lead.
I still can’t spell ne-po-tism
but it surely fits my needs
For I can’t

I’m a regular guy from Texas
I know I was born to lead.
That guy tried to kill my daddy
Made me wanna see him bleed

– Chorus –

– Bridge –
Yet I’m the leader of the free world
‘cos Florida can’t count.
And since the leather seats
on Air Force One are fine
I’m gonna run a second time.

– Chorus x2 –