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No more dark corners.

See, I love living in a liberal country. And, personally, I believe that prostitution between consenting adults is a transaction increasing welfare, possibly considerably, so there’s no reason for state interference whatsoever. And, thanks to the Schröder government and a realistic court verdict deciding that prostitution was not ‘sittenwidrig’ (against the ‘ordre public’) anymore, Germany now has one of the world’s most progressive, and, in the long run hopefully most useful, laws regulating the oldest trade of the world.

Still, I’m too sure what to think about the fact that brothels and other establishments in the horizontal business are now extensively using their rights to advertise their services in public. There’s a chance it’ll help the public to deal with this facet of their life. But for the moment I feel it’s a little strange (not least because the advertised brothel is situated at least 2 hours from where the cab stood…).