German Politics, oddly enough

From Bad To Worse?

In a press conference after yesterday’s Parliamentary session, MEP Martin Schulz told the press that he had been told that Mr Berlusconi had allegedly instructed his television channels to ignore his insulting remarks.

I don’t if that is true, I haven’t heard any other source in relation to this matter. Personally, I doubt it. I doubt that someone with Berlusconi’s tactical abilities would be as stupid as not too understand that instructing his channels not to report about his Nazi slur would make a bad situation much, much worse.

But then again, history is full of ill-fated arrogance.

PS.: Among all the outrage about Berlusconi, The Independent mentions how Martin Schulz is likely going to benefit from his fifteen minuted of worldwide fame –

“For Martin Schulz, the MEP who drew the wrath of the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, yesterday was a political coup beyond his wildest dreams. For months Mr Schulz, a loyal supporter of Gerhard Schröder, the German Chancellor, has been campaigning unofficially to become the leader of the socialist group of MEPs after the next European elections (he is now vice-president). Little could stand him in better stead than to be attacked so publicly and crudely by Mr Berlusconi.”