German Politics, oddly enough

Spoke too soon.

I did indeed. Looks like this morning’s press reports have been wrong. Gerhard Schroeder is not going to do the Hanibal this summer, after all. Now he’s just staying at home in Hannover. Not quite the same, I have to say. Although the town does have beautiful corners here and there…

According to Spiegel Online, his Italian friend and host, the artist Bruno Bruni explained the chancellor’s decision with the words “There’s a limit to everything.” I doubt not going is any better than going in this situation. It’s too bad for Schroeder, but this bizarre discussion has turned his holidays into a public matter. I am pretty sure that Mr. Stefano will be politically punished for his publicity desire once Mr. Berlusconi no longer feels the need to prove something by not restraining him.

So instead of hosting the Chancellor this summer, the Italian province of Pesaro, is going to host a lawsuit. According to Spiegel Online, the regional government is going to sue Silvio Berlusconi’s central government for compensation for the economic damage done to the region’s tourism industry. The website quotes the region’s president, Palmiro Ucchielli, saying (my translation) –

“The stupidy of the people at the helm of government is of such an extent, they are doing great economic harm to the image of our region’s tourism industry.”

Did no one tell them about Mr Berlusconi’s record with respect to law suits?