US Politics

Breasts, Obession.

Today features a story about the Californian recall eletion’s party-dynamics, especially regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s views are not conservative enough for the Christian right, especially because Schwarzenegger does not deny the existence of sexuality, including his own. Apparently, this newly revealed picture of young Arnold carrying a topless woman on his shoulders is the worst blow to his campaign so far.

Most people, women and men alike, like female breats, for one reason or another. But why so many Americans are obessessed with breats as a political category, I will never get. In addition, the picture in all likelihood shows Arnold saving a surfer, don’t you think?

Oh, and should you wonder why I am not writing that much about the German equivalent to the Californian election, the Bavarian regional election – it’s simply because it’s the most boring election you can think of. I doubt any governing party in any free election has consistently been as successful as the Bavarian conservatives, the Christian Social Union (EU style conservatism with a Bavarian edge).

Seriously, the question this election is going to answer is simply the extent of their absolute majority. Governor Grey Stoiber is going to stay. Period. And now you know all there is to know about this election… although – come to think of it, I might write something about the fringe parties running in the election, although I have to disappoint you: There’s no porn star involved at all…