US Politics

The Tides Have Turned.

Anyone remember the controversy a Bush critical statement by the Dixie Chicks created back in 2003?

Well, those were days. Three years, a misconceived war, a press secretary, and a watergatesque scandal later, Bush bashing has finally gone mainstream again, even in the US. Still it’s not often as beautifully packaged as P!nk’s “Dear Mr President”, which you can listen to via YouTube. And while you’re at it, why not listen to my very own song GW Blues – you can download and play it right here. I wrote the lyrics in March and April 2003, and initially published it on afoe just before the 2004 US presidential elections.

As much as I would have then welcomed the current Presidential approval rates, now they are, in my opinion, possibly dangerous. The President’s severely limited legislative clout could prompt him to foreign policy activism – if in doubt what that could mean, read Seymour Hersh’s piece about “The Iran Plans” in the New Yorker. I still don’t think the US will attack Iran, simply because it would be such an overt example of acting against one’s own interests. But allowing the President to be a little busier at home would seem like a useful risk reduction strategy. Maybe he should go take that walk with P!nk.

By the way, the latter is always welcome to record a cover version of my song… ;)