oddly enough

Oddly enough: Hungarian toilets edition

I suppose no one of you, gentle readers, will be able to deny that the internet has immensely increased humanity’s ability to deal with boredom. Whenever we’re not exactly sure how to productively spend our time, or aren’t willing to do so for some reason or another, we no longer need to stare at empty walls or zap through hundreds of tv channels not knowing what to expect.

In the internet age, there is at least one source of immediate gratification that will never disappoint: It’s Reuters “oddly enough” news section. This is where we learn about everything we always wanted to know about human life in the 21st century but never dared to ask. Thus, it’s the perfect source for a couple of easy reading Friday afternoon links.
Accordingly, let me regale you today with a link to a Reuters’ video about a Hungarian national contest to identify the best public toilet east and west, north and south of Budapest…