German Politics

The Sarrazin affair: Pissing against the wind.

Getting rid of Thilo Sarrazin as a Bundesbank board member is the political equivalent of pissing against the wind.

This is not going to end the – scientifically absurd and thus intellectually already fnished – debate about possible genetic reasons for the lack of social integration of some ethnicity, it’s gonna kickstart it, although with a different focus: now it’s about freedom of speech, political correctness running wild, and a government praising the “independent decision” of its independent central bank – that statement alone is more harmful to the Bundesbank than anything ever said or written by Thilo Sarrazin. Does anyone read press statements in the Chancellor’s press office? Unbelievable.

Of course, using well established genetic similarities among a majority of Jewish people to prove an unproveable point about ethnically hereditary abilities is going to cause – and rightly so – some major stir in Germany and will dequalify Sarrazin for any serious debate. But that doesn’t mean that debate will stop by firing him… quite the opposite. It will only prove that the German political establishment is willling to be held hostage by someone who makes scientifically ridiculous statements, because it is afraid that the public at large is not able to see through it. It’s a very painful lesson about the way the German political establishment is afraid of its own voters.

And that, quite frankly, is the truly sad realization of the Sarrazin affair.