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Something’s going on in America…

and I think we can call it “slow Europeanization”.

Think about it for a moment, Rumsfeld fired, Cheney on the verge of being impeached by GQ magazine, President Bush can’t make up his mind about dropping some bombs on Iran, and now this: Reuters reports that the FCC (the organization regulating American tv) is considering to regulate the depiction of violence on the screen.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a report to Congress claiming that the agency can regulate TV violence the same way it regulates indecency if lawmakers give it the authority, sources said Thursday.

What’s next? No public uproar in the case of another Janet Jackson bra-accident? Or a general display of decency on tv? No more Britney Spears jokes? (link to a video of CBS’ Craig Ferguson’s already famous recent monologue about helping, not exploiting someone who needs help).

Will the rest of the world have to reconsider their mental image of America for the second time in five years?