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Finally a “Wow.” out of the box.
The Visual Design of WordPress 2.7

For the last couple of years, I’ve been using WordPress for a number of blogs and small websites that I have built. One of the first things I changed was the admin user interface. WP has strengths and weaknesses under the hood, but the admin UI that came with it was never nice to look at. The core developers even hired a supposedly expensive web usability consultancy, happy cog, for a redesign of the admin area of WP 2.5, and all they got was an interface for which there were plugins available even before the release of the version itself. So I suppose it wasn’t too big a surprise when, this summer, rumours and then a special branch of WP (“crazyhorse”) appeared that once again radically changed the admin interface. And now, a couple of weeks prior to the prospective release date of WP 2.7, there are the first visuals of what WP 2.7 is really likely to look. Some elements thereof were already apparent to those using the nightly builds of the software, but there are also a lot of changes that, for the first time, give WP a look that doesn’t hurt my eye but instead allows me to say “Wow!” out of the box.

The funny thing is, though, that, apparently – quoting the WP developer blog – the design has mostly been done by Matt Thomas and Andy Peatling (who is otherwise the buddypress guy at automattic) over the course of the last week. Which – for all the excitement – begs the question: why not earlier?

To have a look at some mockup screens and read even more about this, check out the link below.

The Visual Design of 2.7.