Battle of the sexes…

OK, not that I’m not sufficiently busy, but I’ve nonetheless started a new blog – in German. Three weeks ago, when I was in Hamburg to visit my sister, I met with Lyssa and the ordinary seaman for a coffee and a chat. And since some angry and apparently scared female journalists at the German weekly “Die Zeit” had just decided that a popular female tv presenter’s rather anachronistic opinion with regard to gender equality was sufficient reason to publish a similarly anachronistic and similarly strange special feature calling for a rejuvenated feminism, we touched briefly on the idea that a topical blog might be an interesting way to increase the quality of gender-related discussions. So, about a week later, I ordered the domain ““, which is, as of this afternoon, online – as opposed to my usually extensive templating customizations, I have installed a simple and barely customized wordpress template for the time being. Still, the project is online. And now it’s got it’s first link. May many more follw :).

For now the blog is operated (oops, almost used ‘manned’ ;) ) by my sister and me, for gender equality reasons. But in the interest of widening the spectrum of opinions, other contributors will hopefully join the battle at a later stage.