Welcome to Expression Engine Core!

While, for the time being, “almost a diary” will remain a construction site, it is time to lift some of the scaffolding… alright, it looks almost exactly like it did two minutes ago when you were still redirected to the old domain, but under the hood, things have changed considerably. This blog is now powered by‘s Expression Engine Core 1.4.2. I’m not saying good-bye to Movable Type for good though – other projects are still on MT, and MT 3.3 seems like a significant update. But given all the Perl hazzle, I wanted a CMS completely running on php. And as far as I know, Expression Engine is the best out there at the moment.

There are some points of contention, mostly regarding API functions and spam protection, both of which worked rather well in MT and both of which I have a hunch are a little shaky in EE Core. Still, pmachine’s support was excellent, they helped me instantly, despite knowing that I am a EE Core user, or, in other words, some kind of free rider. So with a working Blogger API I decided to jump and install a Captcha image until I figured out a better, more accessible, way of discerning bots from people.

But either way, the days of scarce and only technical posts will soon be over. Stay tuned.