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Chantier 2.1

Maybe not the most SEO friendly title but, well, who cares. Chantier just sounds better than construction site. But I do like the sound of scaffolding, which alas, isn’t really necessary for a construction site on the web – which this blog still is and, now, finally, the reason for this entry, will remain for a bit.

I have to say that it probably was not the wisest decision to migrate to WordPress when WordPress itself is in the process of a major migration. So, while the extensive availability and hackability of WordPress are a significant part of the software’s fascination, they are also a prime example for the problems that will haunt any distributed development project, but particularly if it is open sourced.

I like the advantages of WordPress 2.1, but the version has its problems as well. Just a couple of examples – the /category/-less Hack by Jörg Petermann, which I prematurely claimed also works effortless under 2.1 actually kills category RSS feeds, the Podpress plugin, albeit allegedly fixed for 2.1 doesn’t work or, according to the forums, at least doesn’t work as it’s supposed to be, my main admin page now displays parts of my blog using my blog’s CSS when logging in, but not when using a link from within the admin area, and the RSS templates seem somwhow messed up in general.

So, as much as being 2.1 in the age of 2.0 sounds appealing, being at the forefront of innovation clearly comes with a price tag. Make sure you’re willing to pay if you’re upgrading…

almost a diary, self-referential

Happy New Year!

It’s a tad bit late, and I do know it. Don’t be too concerned with my timing though (well, at least not because of my posting this picture), I’m simply setting up my flickr moblog again, after yet another switch of my blogging software. While I did like Expression Engine a lot, I’ve mostly worked on WP lately and could not be bothered to really get to know the EE engine – my bad. Maybe I will at some point.

But for now, a happy 2007 to everyone of you, my gentle readers, let’s see what the new year is offering!



Welcome to Expression Engine Core!

While, for the time being, “almost a diary” will remain a construction site, it is time to lift some of the scaffolding… alright, it looks almost exactly like it did two minutes ago when you were still redirected to the old domain, but under the hood, things have changed considerably. This blog is now powered by‘s Expression Engine Core 1.4.2. I’m not saying good-bye to Movable Type for good though – other projects are still on MT, and MT 3.3 seems like a significant update. But given all the Perl hazzle, I wanted a CMS completely running on php. And as far as I know, Expression Engine is the best out there at the moment.

There are some points of contention, mostly regarding API functions and spam protection, both of which worked rather well in MT and both of which I have a hunch are a little shaky in EE Core. Still, pmachine’s support was excellent, they helped me instantly, despite knowing that I am a EE Core user, or, in other words, some kind of free rider. So with a working Blogger API I decided to jump and install a Captcha image until I figured out a better, more accessible, way of discerning bots from people.

But either way, the days of scarce and only technical posts will soon be over. Stay tuned.

almost a diary, self-referential

Keine Jungs in der Peepshow.

Nein, hier geht es nicht Lyssas peepshow. Hier könnt ihr mich höchstpersönlich peepen – bei 25peeps – sobald der Link funktioniert.

Wer mich da sehen will, sollte sich am besten beeilen, denn Robert Basic hat natürlich recht – über kurz oder lang wird die 25 peeps “Hall of Fame” ein ein digitale Briefmarkensammlung weiblicher Schönheit werden.

Aber das ist ja auch gut so…

Basic Thinking Blog – Warum wir Männer bei keine Chance haben?

PS – Wer will, kann mein Bild als Preview natürlich auch schon hier bewundern.

almost a diary, self-referential


Just as Doug mentioned over on afoe, and as you might be experienceing yourselves, my gentle readers – it’s summertime. And summertime means that most Europeans enjoy the easy livin’, particularly during August, when entire countries seem to relocate to the sea.

Unfortunately, the Air France flight that crash landed in Toronto a couple of hours ago (apparently all passengers survived and only a few are injured) did not wait until la rentr�e to run over the end of the runway and break up. So while CNN had already found a camera crew in Toronto, and Wolf Blitzer had already talked to passengers and witnesses, the Air France website still reassuringly read –

Aucun événement à signaler sur l’ensemble du réseau Air France….

I guess that’s one way of dealing with such events…