Madness in the West Wing.

Just when it seems that America is remembering some of its worthier political traditions (morals, you know…) the West Wing universe is going crazy – from the Television Without Pity recap of the most recently aired episode –

They sit down on Will’s sofa to look at the chart. Kate asks why the British royals are sitting with the German ambassador, noting that there are tensions between the countries related to the World Cup and currency devaluation. Will suggests switching in the Swedish ambassador, but Kate thinks that would be a bad idea in light of “a thing” the Queen had with the ambassador sometime in the past. I really don’t need to hear anything about any “things” the Queen might have had.

There won’t be any problems with the English because of the World Cup… Gary Lineker will be proven right again. Germany will win against England in the semi-finals through a penalty shoot-out, as usual. They’re used to it, and so are we. The only thing that’s not clear yet is whether Brasil will indeed win again or not. Given they’re ahead of both Italy and Germany with 5:3:3 World Cup wins, there’s a chance the world as well as statistics are in favour of Germany for once…