Oh Gino, Oh Gino Ginelli

Oh Gino, Oh Gino Ginelli
Yesterday, a friend reminded me of what name Stefano Stefani reminded me of – a popular Italian Ice cream advertising character from the late 1980s, Gino Ginelli.
As for Stefani, he has been signalled by someone important to take a longer vacation. He supposedly resigned a few minutes ago. Apparently his apology did not please his master, even though it is indeed funny – but I understand that Mr Berlusconi is a bit more careful now with his laughs ;). That’s what Stefani said earlier today, according to MSNBC
”I’m sorry,” Stefani said in a statement to be published in the newspaper on Saturday. ”I love Germany. If my words caused a misunderstanding for many Germans I would like to say here that I am very sorry.” Stefani added that Germans ”are always welcome in Italy” and that they are ”exemplary neighbours and reliable friends.” He said his earlier criticism had been misunderstood and he was only trying to defend Italy against those who had attacked it. Stefani, responsible for tourism, told a newspaper last week Germans had been ”indoctrinated from the beginning to feel top of the class whatever the situation.” He also said Germans ”loudly invaded” Italian beaches and called them arrogant beer guzzlers who hold ”noisy burping contests.” He had until Friday refused to apologise for the remarks. ”
Hilarious. Bild is certainly not too happy about the sudden end to this affair. Now that they actually planned a German invasion of Italian beaches…
Done and over with. But before we really forget about this nonsense, let me tell you about a really funny link that Lillimarleen found. It confirms all your steretypes about Italy and is nonhteless funny… in a stereotypical kind of way ;).