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A Movie, With Me.

It might come as a shock to you, my gentle readers, but from time to time I do act in student short films. And as this week saw the premieres of two more recent productions, I thought to myself ‘why not experiment with streaming media and put an older one on the web?’
And so I did. Clicking on the image below takes you to a realmedia-encoded version of a largely improvised short film by Sebastian Linke called “49 degrees”, shot in English for and shown at the Hamburg International Film Festival in June 2002. The film was part of the category “thee minute quickie”. A category named after the length of the films shown rather than their content… As for the content, the theme the “quickies” had to deal with in 2002 was “thirst”.
For those who can’t remember what I look like – or have never seen me -, I am “Robbespierre aka the guy who doesn’t drink” ;).

49 degrees