almost a diary

Getting There.

Hello again!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted more than the occasional photo or a brief message to all ye faithful out there. Well, I’m not promising anything, but as you can see, I’ve redesigned “almost a diary” with the intention to write more frequently again.

There’s also a new blog, called “tapsmusic”, which I will use to publish some songs I’ve written, “demo-produced” and, mostly, also sung – check it out. One of the songs there has already been published over on A Fistful Of Euros last October.

Lastly, “rest” is the third new element of this site, and I will use it to publish anything that doesn’t quite fit this blog or doesn’t have anything to do with my music.

Well… that’s the future structure, for as you will see by clicking on the links, neither “tapsmusic” nor “rest” are working yet. But they will – very soon. Stay tuned!