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Grace Of My Heart

I’m zapping through the channels while getting myself a coffee and I’m finding out about a new kid in German tv town – an NBC subsidiary called Das Vierte (the forth). They’re broadcasting mostly older American movies and tv-series. Its a good guess I’m gonna like that channel – everyone would like a tv channel he finds out about because he recognizes scences from one of their favorite movies. In my case, it’s “Grace of My Heart“, a good, unfortunately underdeveloped film about a songwriter/singer (sic!) allegedly modeled after Carole King and wonderully played by Illeana Douglas.

I first saw the film nine years ago in UIP Germany’s executive theatre, while doing an internship with their avertising agency. Among other things, it was our job to come up with a decent German title. But the film was never released for cinema. Since then, I’ve watched it a couple of times and I like it just as much as back in 1996.

And the the soundtrack, featuring new Brill Building era songs specifically written for the film by, among others, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello, is, in my opinion, nothing short of spectacular.