almost a diary

Off the phone. Off the market.

I just talked to a friend who is also suffering from the current anemia of the labour market.

These days, the streets are plastered with highly qualified graduates and post-graduates from the world’s best universities. As the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung remarked two weeks ago the European elite is currently given the boot by the very same companies that bid up starting salaries to unprecedented amounts during the talent wars of the late nineties. So what goes up must come down? Maybe. Maybe it all does make sense. But we don’t care at the moment.

Isn’t it plainly unfair to have people spend years on their building outstanding CVs and then release them into a sluggish economy? Yes it is. But there you go. I know that markets are marvel and we all benefit from the way they work. They are not supposed to be fair to do their job. But that’s precisely why they do need a bashing from time to time, however unjustified it may be.

And if not now, when? I think I am going to help my fellow victims and go back to do my phd now. Hopefully I’ll finish it right on time for the next talent war…