It can happen everywhere.

Seriously, Thuringia’s state premier Althaus, one of the most unpleasant “attention junkies” in German politics, has invited a proponent of intelligent design theory for a debate with an evolutionary biologist in a state-chancellory-sponsored debate called “Erfurter Dialoge”.

So, it can happen here, too, apparently. While declaring that the “prominent invitees” do not always (sic!) represent the views of the inviting state-chancellory , their press statement calls the debate a ” forum for high level discourse about questions of our time.”

Well, at least that’s debatable. Then again, as Mario Sixtus notes in his blog today, it’s good to have open minded politicians. Sixtus quotes an open letter to Mr Althaus from the German section of the recently founded Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, calling for an invitation to said debate, “as there is clearly more than one concept of Creationism.”

The Church’s Brother Bucatini, signing with pasta-esque greetings, also offers an inspiring explanation for global warming: There is a clear statistical correlation between the declining amount of pirates since 1800 and the rising average temperature.

More context (all in German): FR-Blog, Stern