Iraq, oddly enough

Being Indexed.

So my post about the most disgusting porn spam ever has apparently been indexed by the search engines. How do I know? Well, when I just looked at my access statistics I was surprised to see a significant blip. So I checked for referring sites and realised that pretty much all the additional visitors came here to look for, well, “Iraqi whores”.

Of course, I don’t know why they are doing this. However, while I am holding up the individual “in dubio pro reo”, I assume a certain, not too small percentage of these people was actually looking for pictures or moving images of war crimes, whether real or not. I have to say I am not too unhappy to disappoint them.

But to those of my additional visitors with a different motive for their reseach effort and the ability to read German, I recommend the Swiss blog “Mono-Log” for some rather interesting insights into the role of temple prostitution in ancient Babylon and the biblical “whore Babylon” [in German].