oddly enough

It’s all the Jews. Or maybe not?

About two years ago, I attended a talk about the American National Missile Defence Initiative given by James Rubin, formerly Madelaine Albright’s spokesperson and recently a foreign policy advisor to the clintonesque but unsuccessful campaign of former NATO commander Wesley Clark. Mr. Rubin, who is Jewish himself, began said lecture with a sad, but still funny joke about two Jews sitting on a park bench in the Vienna ghetto, ca 1941.

One of them, he said, reading the last remaining local Jewish newspaper, the other one reading the SS’ newspaper. Eventually, the one reading the Jewish newspaper could not help but ask his neighbour why he was reading Nazi propaganda of all things? To that the other one replied – ‘see, my friend, your paper tells me we’re weak, desperate and about to be slaughtered. But in mine, we’re rich, decadent, ruling Hollywood and the world. Which one do you think makes the better reading in a place like this?’

Of course, there was no WLAN acces avbailable at the time, but if it had been, I suppose this would have been the second man’s homepage. For now, my gentle readers, it is official: the International Jewish Conspiracy has finally taken over the Internet and so we are finally provided with answers to all the questions we would have never thought of on our own.

Example? The mean international Jewish conspiracy has claimed responsibility for making the new Mini Cooper bigger than the old one so Germans would think they were shrinking. Eeeeevil. And – a truly shocking revelation – they provide evidence that the existence of Barbra Streisand (scroll down to ‘1942’) is owed to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, of which they now exclusively present a new and improved version! Oh, and they do have a disclaimer

By the way, I’m writing yet another article about the new European anti-semitism discourse (as opposed to the new European anti-semitism) for ‘fistful‘. And even though I doubt INJEWCON is a European site, somehow I think it fits in nicely…