Spielzeug für die Kinder von Gan-Israel.

<!--enpts-->Spielzeug<!--enpte-->Gerade habe ich im Blog von Julia Seeliger, von wo ich auch das Bild habe (ich hoffe, das ist ok), gelesen, daß

“[i]n der Nacht zum Sonntag, den 25. Februar 2007, … Unbekannte antisemitische Drohungen an die Fassade des Kindergartens Gan-Israel in Berlin-Charlottenburg [geschmiert haben]. “Scheiß Juden”, “Auschwitz”, “Weg hier”, dazu Hakenkreuze und Runen. Wie sehr sich der Anschlag nicht nur gegen eine jüdische Einrichtung, sondern gerade auch gegen die Kinder richtete, zeigt die Tatsache, dass die Täter Spielzeug der Kleinen mit SS-Runen beschmierten und zerstörten.”

Das sind so die Dinge, die bei mir wirklich physische Übelkeit hervorrufen und die ich auch nicht kommentieren möchte.

Was kaputt ist, vor allem psychisch, ist wohl leider kaputt. Aber neues Spielzeug kann man glücklicherweise kaufen – oder dafür Spenden. Das geht, laut Julia Seeligers Blog, hier –

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
Stichwort “Spielzeug”
Deutsche Bank Bensheim
Konto: 030 331 331
BLZ: 509 700 04

oddly enough

It’s all the Jews. Or maybe not?

About two years ago, I attended a talk about the American National Missile Defence Initiative given by James Rubin, formerly Madelaine Albright’s spokesperson and recently a foreign policy advisor to the clintonesque but unsuccessful campaign of former NATO commander Wesley Clark. Mr. Rubin, who is Jewish himself, began said lecture with a sad, but still funny joke about two Jews sitting on a park bench in the Vienna ghetto, ca 1941.

One of them, he said, reading the last remaining local Jewish newspaper, the other one reading the SS’ newspaper. Eventually, the one reading the Jewish newspaper could not help but ask his neighbour why he was reading Nazi propaganda of all things? To that the other one replied – ‘see, my friend, your paper tells me we’re weak, desperate and about to be slaughtered. But in mine, we’re rich, decadent, ruling Hollywood and the world. Which one do you think makes the better reading in a place like this?’

Of course, there was no WLAN acces avbailable at the time, but if it had been, I suppose this would have been the second man’s homepage. For now, my gentle readers, it is official: the International Jewish Conspiracy has finally taken over the Internet and so we are finally provided with answers to all the questions we would have never thought of on our own.

Example? The mean international Jewish conspiracy has claimed responsibility for making the new Mini Cooper bigger than the old one so Germans would think they were shrinking. Eeeeevil. And – a truly shocking revelation – they provide evidence that the existence of Barbra Streisand (scroll down to ‘1942’) is owed to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, of which they now exclusively present a new and improved version! Oh, and they do have a disclaimer

By the way, I’m writing yet another article about the new European anti-semitism discourse (as opposed to the new European anti-semitism) for ‘fistful‘. And even though I doubt INJEWCON is a European site, somehow I think it fits in nicely…

compulsory reading

Political Correctness, ad 1920.

In light of the spiral of violence that has once again engulfed the peoples living in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, Spiegel Online has published a feature containing articles covering the main stages of the conflict in the course of the last fifty-five years.

Of course, for well known reasons, they could not go further back to cover the – non religious – roots of the conflict. So I checked the online archives of “The Atlantic” and found some interesting articles dating from a time when the Osman rule of the area ended, and Britain and France divided the area among themselves (with a league of nations cover…), a few years after the famous “Balfour declaration” calling for a Jewish homeland in the British mandate area, when there was no Palestinian nationalism to speak of and when the clans previously ruling the area were only too happy to sell largely uninhabitable land to Jewish settlers with the dream of living in Zion.

The dynamics of the eternal conflict to be were quite different at the time. So was political correctness – I suppose – as the following quote from a 1920 article from “The Atlantic” demonstrates –

“Any practical experiment toward the attainment of a contented Jewish people would be welcome. At present, large communities of Jews never live in perfect amity with Gentile neighbors; and it would be instructive to see whether, in a self-contained Jewish state, they could live in amity with one another. It would also give them a chance to show whether they possess the attributes of a ruling people — a question to which the answer is, at present, largely uncertain.”