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Summit politics

Now that’s what I call a real summit for once: a standoff between two of America’s most talented comedians, George W Bush and Stephen Colbert, at the annual White House Correspondents dinner.

Here’s the BBC reporting on Bush’s performance – and here, via, is Colbert’s performance (25 minutes).

Truly a struggle of giants. I want the GW Bush show on Comedy Central now. Seriously, he’ll probably consider resigning the Presidency if he gets a good enough offer. The comdy thing is really what he should be doing.

And if it happens, remember you read it here first. See, Germans can be funny, too…

Update: has a video of Mr Bush’s performance. Perhaps not too surpringly, given the name of the blog, the author believes that Colbert delivered a weak show, based on the impression of relative silence during the performance. I don’t know how the sound was mixed but even if the “room full of liberals” he cites (Foreign White House Correspondents and the usual American political A-list suspects if they were not on a book promotion tour) was unexpectedly quiet, this was certainly the case because they must have had a hard time believing that someone would indeed dare to beat up the President seated on the Podium right next to him in the way Colbert did.