The Daily Show with George W. Bush!

Once upon a time, Comedy Central’s Daily Show host Jon Stewart was asked whether the end of President Bush’s administration would make his life as a comedian harder. His reply was that, yes, his life as a comedian would be more difficult to the extent that the following administration was less absurd than the current one, which, by and large, is the consensus prediction for the next presidential election in the US.

Still, Jon might have a bigger problem than the decline of governmental absurdity from 2009 on.

Think about it: the more videos featuring the US President in non-scripted situations are available on the internet, the more it becomes apparent: the guy has clearly missed his calling. Ladies and gentlemen, George W. Bush really is a gifted comedian. He’s not a great politician, or a great actor for that matter – the White House scripts clearly force him to play a character he has some difficultiy to grasp. But watch him in unguarded moments and you can witness the appearance of an unpolished comedic diamond. I assume all he needs is some career counseling, and we might get a Daily Show with George Bush on Fox News from 2009 on.

Of course, it’s not gonna happen. But wouldn’t it be great if it did? Oh, before I forget it: here’s your daily Dubya-fix – The One With The Ipod.