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Singles@Wal-MartWal-Mart tried to contractually force their employees to restrain themselves from falling in love with each other. And if it weren’t for the German unions and court system they would have got their way. But then again, what’s bad for their employees must not be bad for their business – see this advertisement for a “shopping for singles” event at the local Wal-Mart.

Interestingly, their singles shopping seems to be rather popuplar – at least in theory. Two out of two people I told about this answered that they had not only heard about it, but that they actually wanted to see what it’s like at some point.

Good products solve problems. Good stores should, too. I think it is truly impressive how one private hierarchy (aka company) can be such a ideal-type display of all things good *and* abysmal about a market economy.

Clicking the image will take you to my flickr account. The picture was taken with a SE t610.