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Fool Cruel Gone One (fcgo)

FCGO is an older song. I wrote it in the Summer of 2002 and occasionally revisited it thereafter, mostly because I wasn’t too happy with the lyrics. I started with four random words and two rhymes – Fool Cruel, Gone One. So that was a bit of an experiment… Now I quite like them, so you can decide for yourselves. FCGO is currently arranged with more audible electric guitars than most other songs I published here and so the song has a nice drive. Feel free to listen to the VST based demo as mp3 (128kbit, enclosed). Words, music and vocals by Tobias Schwarz, © 2002-2005.

Lyrics –

It was hard, hard to be your hero
When I found out about my broken wings
Oh I was cool, so cool it froze, it froze your heart
And I went on to tear, tear your heart apart.

I’ve been the fool
On the hill,
I’ve been in love with myself.

Don’t you ever say never
Let us rise up to the sun
Our love will last forever
Our dreams were just a promise
Let us spend our lives in this bliss
In my thoughts you are forever
Mine until the end of time

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

It was too, too hard to find, to find the words
To tell you all that I wanted you to know.
I was cruel, so cruel to, to your heart
And never bothered to, bothered to be true.

I stood still
When the sign said ‘walk’
I was afraid of myself


Oh yeah
Oh yeah

(Primary Bridge)
Now you’re gone and I’m on my own
I can’t believe I’ve really blown it
And I know I failed where you were right
But, baby, please save me from that plight.
I know I have those broken wings
And I know healing is just one
Of the things that you can do,
So why don’t we pull it through.


The end of time
Mine until the end of time
The end of time
The end of time
End of time

The end of time
The end of time
The end of time