almost a diary, self-referential

For a small fee in America

I’m in SoHo and it’s raining. Earlier this afternoon I went to the New Museum of Modern Art, 583 Broadway. and it was funny. To me, most modern art is funny. However, the museum features an amazing bookshop. It’s very selective, definitely no – but it’s definitely worth a look. After the museum I went to the store where ‘hereisnewyork‘ sell their reprints of those amazing photographs taken in NYC on and after September 11, 2001. On the door I saw a sheet indicating the dates of their international exhibitions. Most of them are in Germany. But then I noticed something strange. Behind each and every German city, including Berlin, there was an added ‘,Germany’. London and Paris are apparently sufficently well known over here to be spared their respective qualifiers (UK and France, for those in doubt ;-)).

Then it started raining again and I crossed the street to protect myself in a h-u-g-e Apple Store. Amazingly, all the computers are connected to the Internet which finally proves Leonard Bernstein wrong. There are things for free in America. Actually, given the average price for an hour of cybercafeing in this city, about 10 USD, Apple is providing the knowledgeable public with a valuable service… so this is how this entry came about. And it’s still raining…