almost a diary, self-referential

Hello world.

Now I suppose that is the classic starting entry for any blog. But this is not just any blog, this one is mine. Over the recent months, blogging has become a wide-spread phenonmenon, and I have discovered some blogs to be phenonmenal context enriching sources of interpretation, knowledge, and sometimes wisdom. Since we all know that a general tendency to reciprocate probably is the most fundamental form of human interaction I want to do just that – try to add to this web of wisdom what I think I can. It will be up to you, my (future) readers, to decide whether my contribution is worth reading or even as insightful and valuable as some of the contributions I have read. The ones that made me start this blog. I will probably add links later.

This blog is called t -com (or maybe, I will think about it) as an abbreviation and brand for “tobi’s communications”, for (you might have guessed…) I am Tobi or, rather, Tobias Schwarz from Germany. I think that most of this blog will be in English, i order to give my predominantly non-German-speaking international friends a chance to read it. But my comments might occasionally feature links to German and French publications.

I don’t know how often I am going to update this. I have never used a diary, and this is a bit like one, except for the fact that it is going to be less about my emotions and more about my thoughts. Therefore I think the concept fits me rather well…

It is probably too early to say that I will concentrate on certain issues more than on others. Just stick around and see for yourself.

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