almost a diary, self-referential

Life Just Doesn’t Work Without Coffee.

Well, my life, for sure. But not least the success of Starbucks in redefining to a certain extent the essence of the drink indicates that the days are gone in which drinking coffee was considered a weakness.

I vaguely remember a very old, pre-war, and by all means politically incorrect children’s song about the consequences of drinking too much coffee –

“C-A-F-F-E-E trink nicht so viel Caffee. Nichts fuer Kinder ist der Tuerkentrank, schwaecht die Nerven macht dich schwach und krank. Sei doch kein Muselmann, der das nicht lassen kann…”

The little verse means, roughly translated,

“C-O-F-F-E-E don’t trink so much coffee. Not for children is the Turkish drink, weakens your nerves, makes you weak and ill. Don’t be a Muslim (Musliman) who can’t help it.”

Today, kids are rather told about the possible Parkinson-preventive effect of caffeine. Maybe, in the future, the tides will again turn against the “liquid kiss of life”, as I tenderly call my first cup in the morning.

But for the moment, I thought, a bit of caffeine couldn’t hurt. And as spring approaches, I felt it was time to get rid of the blogs winter clothes. The left bar is a bit shorter than normally, but that will be changed in the coming days.

Hope you like it, too.